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Personal Introduction
I think you ought to know who you are dealing with! So, on this page, I will try to convey to you something of the "essence" of me as well as the usual substance.
Originally from Dublin, I have lived most of my life in Maidenhead and moved to Marlow in 1997. So what you get is a true anglophile with an abiding interest in Rugby and the consumption of Guinness.




  • Finance and Accounting

I am very proficient in all aspects of financial and management accounting with a particular flair for financial analysis and reporting.

Translate:I can add-up


  •     IT

I am a highly skilled user of Microsoft Office with an emphasis on Excel Spreadsheets and Access Databases. In the business environment in which I operate, I have used a wide variety of software from Oracle to “client- specific” bespoke packages and Sage. I have a fully computerised office with IBM PC, IBM Laptop, Printer, Scanner, Fax, E-mail facilities and broadband access to the Internet.

Translate: Computers - can't take them apart in the dark and put them back together again but I can use them.


  • People Skills

  My career has given me an opportunity to both manage  

           and influence people at all levels. I'm a very strong     

           communicator and I really do know how to listen.  

           Translate: Whoever is giving you grief, I can help you sort 

           them   out.

  • Personal Financial Planning

            I do not sell any insurance, investment, pension or mortgage

            product. However, I am a qualified Financial Planning       

         Consultant and would be happy to offer you "generic" advice in  

            this area. 

            Translate: Don't listen to that bloke in the pub.


Working Life 


 Started out as a freelance accountant in January 1999 and haven't looked back. During this time I have completed a number of assignments for PLC and Multinational companies based in Marlow. Although this kind of work will always form a part of my workload, I want to focus on providing regular services to soletraders, partnerships and small/medium sized limited companies.


  • In the Past


  • Financial Planning Consultant with Lloyds TSB Plc


  • Divisional Financial Controller with MBS Plc  


  • Finance Manager UK & European Operations with Perkin-              Elmer Data Systems Ltd.




Formal Qualifications


B.Comm (Hons)



General Training


General Management training over the years has been provided through a number of employer-sponsored courses the most notable of which are:

Management Centre Europe in Brussels

K Training

Dale Carnegie